Breaking TA505s Crypter With An SMT Solver 1

Breaking TA505’s Crypter with an SMT Solver

TA505 threat group use a crypter common to Clop/CryptoMix ransomware and others. We tear it down with a new unpacker utilizing SMT.

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Revealing The Trick   A Deep Dive Into TrickLoader Obfuscation 2

Revealing the Trick | A Deep Dive into TrickLoader Obfuscation

TrickBot’s loader has received much less attention than other components of the malware. Jason Reaves shows how to reverse engineer the TrickLoader function.

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DPRK HiddenCobra Update  North Korean Malicious Cyber Activity 1

DPRK Hidden Cobra Update: North Korean Malicious Cyber Activity

New threat intelligence on the ever-expanding toolset of North Korean APT Hidden Cobra (Lazarus) including IoCs for RATs, beacons, persistence and more.

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Copy Of Pro Russian CyberSpy APT Gamaredon Wages Silent War With Ukranian Military Law Enforcement 2

Pro-Russian CyberSpy Gamaredon Intensifies Ukrainian Security Targeting

Read how the Gamaredon group wages a silent cyber war against the Ukraine even when all other domains are denied by the strategic or political framework.

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New Snake Ransomware Adds Itself To The Increasing Collection Of Golang Crimeware

New Snake Ransomware Adds Itself to the Increasing Collection of Golang Crimeware

The ransomware crime spree continues with threat actors increasingly turning to Golang as their language of choice. New entrant Snake is just the latest.

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SLABS Blog TrickbotTrick

Top-Tier Russian Organized Cybercrime Group Unveils Fileless Stealthy “PowerTrick” Backdoor for High-Value Targets

SentinelLabs developed mock command-and-control panels to allow the institutions to utilize them for testing detections related to “PowerTrick”

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Planeswalker 3

Anchor Project | The Deadly Planeswalker: How The TrickBot Group United High-Tech Crimeware & APT

The Wind of Time Shakes the Underground | High-Tech Cybercrime & APT | Most Sophisticated & Resourceful Crimeware Group

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Privilege Escalation   MacOS Malware The Path To Root Part 1 1

Privilege Escalation | macOS Malware & The Path to Root Part 1

Researchers invest huge amounts of effort to uncover privilege escalations and develop exploits. What can we learn about macOS security from their work?

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AdLoad MacOS Malware   How It Continues To Adapt Evade 1

How AdLoad macOS Malware Continues to Adapt & Evade

AdLoad adware evades Apple’s built-in protections, installs man-in-the-middle proxy & multiple persistence agents to thwart removal. Here’s how to fight it.

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How TrickBot Hooking Engine Targets Windows 10 Browsers 5

How TrickBot Malware Hooking Engine Targets Windows 10 Browsers

Vitali Kremez revealing how TrickBot’s hooking engine targets Chrome, Firefox, Explorer and Edge in Windows 10

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