Technical Overview Of NEMTY Successor Nefilim Nephilim Ransomware 4

Meet NEMTY Successor, Nefilim/Nephilim Ransomware

Ransomware families NEMTY, Nefilim and Nephilim continue to evolve and merge, taking on aspects of other successful variants that aim to encrypt and extort.

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ICEID Botnet The Iceman Goes Phishing 9

IcedID Botnet | The Iceman Goes Phishing for US Tax Returns

In light of the extended US tax deadline due to coronavirus, tax fraud remains a viable avenue for the criminal group behind the ICEDID banking malware.

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Maze Ransomware Update  Extorting And Exposing Victims 2

Maze Ransomware Update: Extorting and Exposing Victims

Maze ransomware doesn’t just demand payment for a decryptor but exfiltrates victim data and threatens to leak it publicly if the target doesn’t pay up.

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Deep Dive Into TrickBot Executor Module Mexec Hidden Anchor Bot Nexus Operations 4

Deep Dive Into TrickBot Executor Module “mexec”: Hidden “Anchor” Bot Nexus Operations

New “mexec” module delivers tertiary malware and allows TrickBot to pivot within a network, deploy a variety of payloads and evade common detection methods.

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Breaking TA505s Crypter With An SMT Solver 1

Breaking TA505’s Crypter with an SMT Solver

TA505 threat group use a crypter common to Clop/CryptoMix ransomware and others. We tear it down with a new unpacker utilizing SMT.

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Revealing The Trick   A Deep Dive Into TrickLoader Obfuscation 2

Revealing the Trick | A Deep Dive into TrickLoader Obfuscation

TrickBot’s loader has received much less attention than other components of the malware. Jason Reaves shows how to reverse engineer the TrickLoader function.

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DPRK HiddenCobra Update  North Korean Malicious Cyber Activity 1

DPRK Hidden Cobra Update: North Korean Malicious Cyber Activity

New threat intelligence on the ever-expanding toolset of North Korean APT Hidden Cobra (Lazarus) including IoCs for RATs, beacons, persistence and more.

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Copy Of Pro Russian CyberSpy APT Gamaredon Wages Silent War With Ukranian Military Law Enforcement 2

Pro-Russian CyberSpy Gamaredon Intensifies Ukrainian Security Targeting

Read how the Gamaredon group wages a silent cyber war against the Ukraine even when all other domains are denied by the strategic or political framework.

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New Snake Ransomware Adds Itself To The Increasing Collection Of Golang Crimeware

New Snake Ransomware Adds Itself to the Increasing Collection of Golang Crimeware

The ransomware crime spree continues with threat actors increasingly turning to Golang as their language of choice. New entrant Snake is just the latest.

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SLABS Blog TrickbotTrick

Top-Tier Russian Organized Cybercrime Group Unveils Fileless Stealthy “PowerTrick” Backdoor for High-Value Targets

SentinelLabs developed mock command-and-control panels to allow the institutions to utilize them for testing detections related to “PowerTrick”

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