Advanced Persistent Threat

ChamelGang Ftr 5

ChamelGang & Friends | Cyberespionage Groups Attacking Critical Infrastructure with Ransomware

Aleksandar Milenkoski & Julian-Ferdinand Vögele (Recorded Future) /

Threat actors in the cyberespionage ecosystem are using ransomware for financial gain, disruption, distraction, misattribution, and the removal of evidence.

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I Soons Data Breach The Leak That Revealed Chinas Cyber Operations 5

Unmasking I-Soon | The Leak That Revealed China’s Cyber Operations

The I-Soon leak reveals the maturing nature of China’s cyber espionage and a competitive hacker marketplace driven by government demands.

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A Glimpse Into Future ScarCruft Campaigns Attackers Gather Strategic Intelligence And Target Cybersecurity Professionals 20

ScarCruft | Attackers Gather Strategic Intelligence and Target Cybersecurity Professionals

New ScarCruft activity suggests the adversary is planning to target cybersecurity professionals and businesses.

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Sandman APT China Based Adversaries Embrace Lua 19

Sandman APT | China-Based Adversaries Embrace Lua

SentinelLabs, Microsoft, and PwC threat intelligence researchers provide attribution-relevant information on the Sandman APT cluster.

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Elephant Hunting Inside An Indian Hack For Hire Group 9

Elephant Hunting | Inside an Indian Hack-For-Hire Group

Exploring the technical intricacies of Appin, a hack-for-hire group, revealing confirmed attribution and global threat activity, both old and new.

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Arid Viper APTs Nest Of SpyC23 Malware Continues To Target Android Devices 1

Arid Viper | APT’s Nest of SpyC23 Malware Continues to Target Android Devices

Hamas-aligned threat actor delivers spyware through weaponized apps posing as Telegram or Skipped messenger.

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The Israel Hamas War Cyber Domain State Sponsored Activity Of Interest 6

The Israel-Hamas War | Cyber Domain State-Sponsored Activity of Interest

Cyber warfare occurring amidst the Israel-Hamas war underscores the importance of keeping tabs on rising APTs and opportunistic hacktivists.

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Sandman APT A Mystery Group Targeting Telcos With A LuaJIT Toolkit 4

Sandman APT | A Mystery Group Targeting Telcos with a LuaJIT Toolkit

Sophisticated threat actor deploys high-end malware utilizing the LuaJIT platform to backdoor telcos in Europe, Middle East and South Asia.

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CapraTube Transparent Tribes CapraRAT Mimics YouTube To Hijack Android Phones 3

CapraTube | Transparent Tribe’s CapraRAT Mimics YouTube to Hijack Android Phones

Pakistan-aligned threat actor weaponizes fake YouTube apps on the Android platform to deliver mobile remote access trojan spyware.

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JumpCloud Intrusion Attacker Infrastructure Links Compromise To North Korean APT Activity 5

JumpCloud Intrusion | Attacker Infrastructure Links Compromise to North Korean APT Activity

North Korean state sponsored APT is behind a new supply chain attack on zero-trust directory platform JumpCloud.

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