A Click From The Backyard   Analysis Of CVE 2020 9332 A USB Redirection Software Privilege Escalation 3

A Click from the Backyard | Analysis of CVE-2020-9332, a Vulnerable USB Redirection Software

CVE-2020-9332 is a vulnerability that could allow an attacker to create trusted, fake USB devices and attack Windows machines in new and unexpected ways.

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Valak Malware And The Connection To Gozi Loader ConfCrew 1

Valak Malware and the Connection to Gozi Loader ConfCrew

Valak uses a multi-stage, script-based malware that hijacks email replies and embeds malicious URLs or attachments to infect devices with fileless scripts.

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NetWalker Ransomware Update   No Respite No English Required 2

NetWalker Ransomware: No Respite, No English Required

NetWalker is following a now-familiar pattern: increased ransom demands, threats to leak victim data and relentless attacks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Sarwent Malware Continues To Evolve With Updated Command Functions 6

Sarwent Malware Continues to Evolve With Updated Command Functions

Sarwent has received little attention from researchers, but this backdoor malware is still being actively developed, with new commands and a focus on RDP.

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Deep Dive Into TrickBot Executor Module “mexec”  Reversing The Dropper Variant 7

Deep Dive Into TrickBot Executor Module “mexec”: Reversing the Dropper Variant

Continuing our earlier analysis of the TrickBot Executor Module “mexec”, we take a look at the dropper variant and reveal how it carries its payload onboard.

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The Anatomy Of An APT Attack And CobaltStrike Beacon’s Encoded Configuration 3

The Anatomy of an APT Attack and CobaltStrike Beacon’s Encoded Configuration

Cybercrime and nation state attacks haven’t come to a stop due to COVID-19. Here we describe a recent APT attack on a global brand prevented by SentinelOne.

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Technical Overview Of NEMTY Successor Nefilim Nephilim Ransomware 4

Meet NEMTY Successor, Nefilim/Nephilim Ransomware

Ransomware families NEMTY, Nefilim and Nephilim continue to evolve and merge, taking on aspects of other successful variants that aim to encrypt and extort.

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ICEID Botnet The Iceman Goes Phishing 9

IcedID Botnet | The Iceman Goes Phishing for US Tax Returns

In light of the extended US tax deadline due to coronavirus, tax fraud remains a viable avenue for the criminal group behind the ICEDID banking malware.

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Maze Ransomware Update  Extorting And Exposing Victims 2

Maze Ransomware Update: Extorting and Exposing Victims

Maze ransomware doesn’t just demand payment for a decryptor but exfiltrates victim data and threatens to leak it publicly if the target doesn’t pay up.

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Deep Dive Into TrickBot Executor Module Mexec Hidden Anchor Bot Nexus Operations 4

Deep Dive Into TrickBot Executor Module “mexec”: Hidden “Anchor” Bot Nexus Operations

New “mexec” module delivers tertiary malware and allows TrickBot to pivot within a network, deploy a variety of payloads and evade common detection methods.

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