Planeswalker 3

Anchor Project | The Deadly Planeswalker: How The TrickBot Group United High-Tech Crimeware & APT

The Wind of Time Shakes the Underground | High-Tech Cybercrime & APT | Most Sophisticated & Resourceful Crimeware Group

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Privilege Escalation   MacOS Malware The Path To Root Part 1 1

Privilege Escalation | macOS Malware & The Path to Root Part 1

Researchers invest huge amounts of effort to uncover privilege escalations and develop exploits. What can we learn about macOS security from their work?

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AdLoad MacOS Malware   How It Continues To Adapt Evade 1

How AdLoad macOS Malware Continues to Adapt & Evade

AdLoad adware evades Apple’s built-in protections, installs man-in-the-middle proxy & multiple persistence agents to thwart removal. Here’s how to fight it.

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How TrickBot Hooking Engine Targets Windows 10 Browsers 5

How TrickBot Malware Hooking Engine Targets Windows 10 Browsers

Vitali Kremez revealing how TrickBot’s hooking engine targets Chrome, Firefox, Explorer and Edge in Windows 10

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Writing Malware Traffic Decrypters For ISFB Ursnif 3 1

Writing Malware Traffic Decrypters for ISFB/Ursnif

Daniel Bunce explains how to decrypt traffic between an attacker’s C2 and an endpoint infected with ISFB malware

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Writing Malware Configuration Extractors For ISFB Ursnif 3

Writing Malware Configuration Extractors for ISFB/Ursnif

Daniel Bunce demonstrating automated IOC extraction using a python script and an example of ISFB/Ursnif malware.

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From Office Macro Malware To Lightweight JS Loader 10 1

Deep Insight into “FIN7” Malware Chain: From Office Macro Malware to Lightweight JS Loader

Vitali Kremez dissecting the ‘Fin7’ malware chain that leverages malicious MS Office Macros and a JS loader.

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Info Stealers | How Malware Hacks Private User Data

Continuing our free Zero2Hero malware reverse engineering course, Daniel Bunce dives into the details of KPot, Vidar & Raccoon Info Stealers.

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Detecting MacOS.GMERA Malware Through Behavioral Inspection 1

Detecting macOS.GMERA Malware Through Behavioral Inspection

New malware hits macOS with well-worn techniques. Can behavioral detection prevent attacks that evade legacy AV and built-in Apple security?

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Trickbot Update  Brief Analysis Of A Recent Trickbot Payload 1

Trickbot Update: Brief Analysis of a Recent Trickbot Payload

In many ways, Trickbot parallels the evolution of contemporary threats (such as #Emotet) via its modular and expandable architecture. We took it for a test

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