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Chinas Cyber Revenge Why The PNC Fails To Back Its Claims Of Western Espionage 4

China’s Cyber Revenge | Why the PRC Fails to Back Its Claims of Western Espionage

China's claims of hacks and espionage lack the rigorous technical detail seen in western threat intel. Why the asymmetry, and how does it benefit the PRC?

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Driving Through Defenses Targeted Attacks Leverage Signed Malicious Microsoft Drivers 8

Driving Through Defenses | Targeted Attacks Leverage Signed Malicious Microsoft Drivers

Threat actors are abusing legitimately signed Microsoft drivers in active intrusions into telecommunication, BPO, MSSP, and financial services businesses.

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Use Of Obfuscated Beacons In ‘pymafka Supply Chain Attack Signals A New Trend In MacOS Attack TTPs 1

Use of Obfuscated Beacons in ‘pymafka’ Supply Chain Attack Signals a New Trend in macOS Attack TTPs

A new typosquatting attack against the PyPI repository targets enterprise Macs with a distinctive obfuscation method.

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A Threat Hunters Guide To The Macs Most Prevalent Adware Infections 2022 12

A Threat Hunter’s Guide to the Mac’s Most Prevalent Adware Infections 2022

Mac adware is hidden, persistent, and evasive, fingerprinting devices and delivering custom payloads. Learn how to hunt it on macOS.

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New MacOS Malware XcodeSpy Targets Xcode Developers With EggShell Backdoor 6

New macOS Malware XcodeSpy Targets Xcode Developers with EggShell Backdoor

Targeting software developers is one route to a successful supply chain attack. Now threat actors are going after Apple developers through the Xcode IDE.

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Scams Phishing And Malware   Cyber Attacks Leveraging The COVID 19 CoronaVirus Pandemic 1

Threat Intel | Cyber Attacks Leveraging the COVID-19/CoronaVirus Pandemic

At Sentinel Labs, we have been closely tracking adversarial behavior as it pertains to COVID-19/Coronavirus. To date, we have observed a significant number of malware campaigns, spam campaigns, and outright…

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Copy Of Pro Russian CyberSpy APT Gamaredon Wages Silent War With Ukranian Military Law Enforcement 2

Pro-Russian CyberSpy Gamaredon Intensifies Ukrainian Security Targeting

Read how the Gamaredon group wages a silent cyber war against the Ukraine even when all other domains are denied by the strategic or political framework.

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AdLoad MacOS Malware   How It Continues To Adapt Evade 1

How AdLoad macOS Malware Continues to Adapt & Evade

AdLoad adware evades Apple’s built-in protections, installs man-in-the-middle proxy & multiple persistence agents to thwart removal. Here’s how to fight it.

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Lazarus APT Targets Mac Users With Poisoned Word Document 4 Scaled 1600x900

Lazarus APT Targets Mac Users with Poisoned Word Document

Threat actors have the know-how to develop campaigns that target your weakest link. Learn how Lazarus APT took their malware to Apple’s macOS platform.

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