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Bloated Binaries How To Detect And Analyze Multi Megabyte MacOS Malware 8

Bloated Binaries | How to Detect and Analyze Large macOS Malware Files

Massive malware binaries are becoming more common on macOS and can cause problems for detection and analysis. Here's how we can successfully deal with them.

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Automating String Decryption And Other Reverse Engineering Tasks In Radare2 With R2pipe By Phil Stokes 1

Automating String Decryption and Other Reverse Engineering Tasks in radare2 With r2pipe

Learn how to drive radare2 with r2pipe for automated binary analysis, string decryption and other common reversing tasks.

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Radare2 Power Ups Delivering Faster MacOS Malware Analysis With R2 Customization 5

Radare2 Power Ups | Delivering Faster macOS Malware Analysis With r2 Customization

Learn how to customize radare2 with user-defined aliases, macros and functions for faster and easier binary diffing and analysis.

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11 Problems ChatGPT Can Solve For Reverse Engineers And Malware Analysts 1

11 Problems ChatGPT Can Solve For Reverse Engineers and Malware Analysts

ChatGPT has captured the imagination of many across infosec. Here's how it can superpower the efforts of reversers and malware analysts.

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Inside Malicious Windows Apps For Malware Deployment By Aleksandar Milenkoski 3

Inside Malicious Windows Apps for Malware Deployment

Learn how threat actors manipulate Windows to install malicious apps that are trusted by the system, and how to defend against them.

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Putting Things In Context Timelining Threat Campaigns Tom

Putting Things in Context | Timelining Threat Campaigns

Visualizing data is integral to threat research. See how we used this timeline analysis tool to track activity in the Ukrainian cyber conflict.

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10 Year Old Vulnerabilities In Avast And AVG Antiviruses Put Millions Of Users At Risk 6

Vulnerabilities in Avast And AVG Put Millions At Risk

Two high-severity flaws in popular end user security tools allow attackers to elevate privileges and compromise devices.

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Inside The Black Box How We Fuzzed Microsoft Defender For IoT And Found Multiple Vulnerabilities 5

Inside the Black Box | How We Fuzzed Microsoft Defender for IoT and Found Multiple Vulnerabilities

A must-read for fuzzing fans, this post gives a detailed look at the advanced techniques used in our recent discovery of multiple bugs in Defender for IoT.

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Pwning Microsoft Azure Defender For IoT Multiple Flaws Allow Remote Code Execution For All 20

Pwning Microsoft Azure Defender for IoT | Multiple Flaws Allow Remote Code Execution for All

As if IoT & OT aren't hard enough to defend, we dive into five critical vulnerabilities in Microsoft Defender for IoT that leave the door wide open.

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The Art And Science Of MacOS Malware Hunting With Radare2 Leveraging Xrefs YARA Zignatures 11

The Art and Science of macOS Malware Hunting with radare2 | Leveraging Xrefs, YARA and Zignatures

In the next part of our series on reversing macOS malware, we dig into identifying reused code across malware samples for hunting and detection.

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