Advanced Persistent Threat

Wading Through Muddy Waters Recent Activity Of An Iranian State Sponsored Threat Actor 6

Wading Through Muddy Waters | Recent Activity of an Iranian State-Sponsored Threat Actor

MuddyWater APT's updated toolkit: an evolution of PowGoop malware, abuse of tunneling tools, and targeting of Exchange servers. MuddyWater's activities are attributed to the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence by U.S. Cyber Command.

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EGoManiac An Unscrupulous Turkish Nexus Threat Actor 3

EGoManiac | An Unscrupulous Turkish-Nexus Threat Actor

EGoManiac is a threat actor willing to spy on friend and foe and entrap journalists without compunction. Read our groundbreaking research.

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SHADOWPAD The Masterpiece Of Privately Sold Malware In Chinese Espionage 7

ShadowPad | A Masterpiece of Privately Sold Malware in Chinese Espionage

Supplying a custom backdoor to a cluster of APT groups, the personas behind ShadowPad have maintained a cloak of secrecy, until now.

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NobleBaron New Poisoned Installers Could Be Used In Supply Chain Attacks 2

NobleBaron | New Poisoned Installers Could Be Used In Supply Chain Attacks

Nobelium – the new face of APT29 – deploys poisoned installers against Ukrainian government targets in a possible supply chain attack.

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SolarWinds   Understanding Detecting The SUPERNOVA Webshell Trojan 3

SolarWinds | Understanding & Detecting the SUPERNOVA Webshell Trojan

Our analysis of the SUPERNOVA trojan reveals the differences between the legitimate DLL and the attacker’s implant, along with some new IoCs for detection.

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SolarWinds SunBurst Backdoor  Inside The Stealthy APT Campaign 1

SolarWinds SUNBURST Backdoor: Inside the APT Campaign

A technical analysis of the SUNBURST stealthy APT including processes, services, and drivers. SentinelOne customers protected with no updates or configuration changes.

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The Anatomy Of An APT Attack And CobaltStrike Beacon’s Encoded Configuration 3

The Anatomy of an APT Attack and CobaltStrike Beacon’s Encoded Configuration

Cybercrime and nation state attacks haven’t come to a stop due to COVID-19. Here we describe a recent APT attack on a global brand prevented by SentinelOne.

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Breaking TA505s Crypter With An SMT Solver 1

Breaking TA505’s Crypter with an SMT Solver

TA505 threat group use a crypter common to Clop/CryptoMix ransomware and others. We tear it down with a new unpacker utilizing SMT.

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DPRK HiddenCobra Update  North Korean Malicious Cyber Activity 1

DPRK Hidden Cobra Update: North Korean Malicious Cyber Activity

New threat intelligence on the ever-expanding toolset of North Korean APT Hidden Cobra (Lazarus) including IoCs for RATs, beacons, persistence and more.

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From Office Macro Malware To Lightweight JS Loader 10 1

Deep Insight into “FIN7” Malware Chain: From Office Macro Malware to Lightweight JS Loader

Vitali Kremez dissecting the ‘Fin7’ malware chain that leverages malicious MS Office Macros and a JS loader.

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