Deep Dive Into TrickBot Executor Module Mexec Hidden Anchor Bot Nexus Operations 4

Deep Dive Into TrickBot Executor Module “mexec”: Hidden “Anchor” Bot Nexus Operations

New “mexec” module delivers tertiary malware and allows TrickBot to pivot within a network, deploy a variety of payloads and evade common detection methods.

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Revealing The Trick   A Deep Dive Into TrickLoader Obfuscation 2

Revealing the Trick | A Deep Dive into TrickLoader Obfuscation

TrickBot’s loader has received much less attention than other components of the malware. Jason Reaves shows how to reverse engineer the TrickLoader function.

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New Snake Ransomware Adds Itself To The Increasing Collection Of Golang Crimeware

New Snake Ransomware Adds Itself to the Increasing Collection of Golang Crimeware

The ransomware crime spree continues with threat actors increasingly turning to Golang as their language of choice. New entrant Snake is just the latest.

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SLABS Blog TrickbotTrick

Top-Tier Russian Organized Cybercrime Group Unveils Fileless Stealthy “PowerTrick” Backdoor for High-Value Targets

SentinelLabs developed mock command-and-control panels to allow the institutions to utilize them for testing detections related to “PowerTrick”

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How TrickBot Hooking Engine Targets Windows 10 Browsers 5

How TrickBot Malware Hooking Engine Targets Windows 10 Browsers

Vitali Kremez revealing how TrickBot’s hooking engine targets Chrome, Firefox, Explorer and Edge in Windows 10

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Writing Malware Traffic Decrypters For ISFB Ursnif 3 1

Writing Malware Traffic Decrypters for ISFB/Ursnif

Daniel Bunce explains how to decrypt traffic between an attacker’s C2 and an endpoint infected with ISFB malware

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Writing Malware Configuration Extractors For ISFB Ursnif 3

Writing Malware Configuration Extractors for ISFB/Ursnif

Daniel Bunce demonstrating automated IOC extraction using a python script and an example of ISFB/Ursnif malware.

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Info Stealers | How Malware Hacks Private User Data

Continuing our free Zero2Hero malware reverse engineering course, Daniel Bunce dives into the details of KPot, Vidar & Raccoon Info Stealers.

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Detecting MacOS.GMERA Malware Through Behavioral Inspection 1

Detecting macOS.GMERA Malware Through Behavioral Inspection

New malware hits macOS with well-worn techniques. Can behavioral detection prevent attacks that evade legacy AV and built-in Apple security?

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Trickbot Update  Brief Analysis Of A Recent Trickbot Payload 1

Trickbot Update: Brief Analysis of a Recent Trickbot Payload

In many ways, Trickbot parallels the evolution of contemporary threats (such as #Emotet) via its modular and expandable architecture. We took it for a test

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