New Version Of Apostle Ransomware Reemerges In Targeted Attack On Higher Education 1

New Version Of Apostle Ransomware Reemerges In Targeted Attack On Higher Education

Agrius has continued to evolve its toolkit from wiper to ransomware operations, including a recent attack on a higher education facility.

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MeteorExpress Mysterious Wiper Paralyzes Iranian Trains With Epic Troll 7

MeteorExpress | Mysterious Wiper Paralyzes Iranian Trains with Epic Troll

In the midst of an epic troll on a country-wide railway system, we discovered a new threat actor and their reusable wiper called Meteor.

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ThunderCats Hack The FSB Your Taxes Didnt Pay For This Op 5

ThunderCats Hack the FSB | Your Taxes Didn’t Pay For This Op

Early fingerpointing at Western governments for a hack against the Russian government was misplaced. Our taxes didn’t pay for this one.

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From Wiper To Ransomware The Evolution Of Agrius 7

From Wiper to Ransomware | The Evolution of Agrius

New threat actor Agrius engages in espionage and destructive attacks, masquerades as ransomware with custom backdoor, wiper and malware.

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Copy Of Relaying Potatoes  DCE RPC NTLM Relay EOP 7

Relaying Potatoes: Another Unexpected Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in Windows RPC Protocol

A newly-discovered NTLM relay attack makes every Windows system vulnerable to an escalation of privileges attack, and there’s no patch in sight.

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A Deep Dive Into Zebrocys Dropper Docs 4

A Deep Dive into Zebrocy’s Dropper Docs

A new APT28 campaign targets Kazakhstan with Delphocy malware. We show how to reverse engineer the dropper and bypass the VBA macro’s password protection.

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APT32 Multi Stage MacOS Trojan Innovates On Crimeware Scripting Technique 7

APT32 Multi-stage macOS Trojan Innovates on Crimeware Scripting Technique

Vietnamese-linked APT group OceanLotus have innovated and imitated in their latest macOS trojan, while also leaving a mysterious hard-coded calling card.

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Case Study  Catching A Human Operated Maze Ransomware Attack In Action 1

Case Study: Catching a Human-Operated Maze Ransomware Attack In Action

Maze operators tailor attacks to the victim’s environment to evade detection. We show how they operate, and reveal a decoded HDA payload among other IOCs.

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Planeswalker 3

Anchor Project | The Deadly Planeswalker: How The TrickBot Group United High-Tech Crimeware & APT

The Wind of Time Shakes the Underground | High-Tech Cybercrime & APT | Most Sophisticated & Resourceful Crimeware Group

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