Joey Chen, Author at SentinelOne

WIP19 Espionage | New Chinese APT Targets IT Service Providers and Telcos With Signed Malware

Precision targeting of critical infrastructure industries indicates espionage-related activity by an unattributed Chinese-speaking threat group.

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Aoqin Dragon | Newly-Discovered Chinese-linked APT Has Been Quietly Spying On Organizations For 10 Years

Targeting organizations in SE Asia and Australia, Aoqin Dragon uses pornographic-themed lures and custom backdoors to conduct espionage operations.

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Moshen Dragon’s Triad-and-Error Approach | Abusing Security Software to Sideload PlugX and ShadowPad

Chinese-aligned APT group Moshen Dragon caught sideloading malware through multiple AV products to infect telecoms sector.

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