Chasing Shadows The Rise Of A Prolific Espionage Actor 1

LABScon Replay | Chasing Shadows | The Rise of a Prolific Espionage Actor

Kris McConkey reveals the rise of a cyber espionage 'superpower,' impacting 35+ countries with sophisticated tools like ShadowPad.

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Send Lawyers ‘Garchs And Money 5

LABScon Replay | Send Lawyers, ‘Garchs, and Money

From the Mueller report to the Steele Dossier, Liz Wharton explores the world of oligarch-funded lawyers and their attempts to discredit public research.

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Spectre Strikes Again Introducing The Firmware Edition 1

LABScon Replay | Spectre Strikes Again: Introducing the Firmware Edition

Binarly's CEO Alex Matrosov dives deep into the fascinating world of speculative attacks against System Management Mode (SMM) on AMD-based devices.

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Intellexa And Cytrox From Fixer Upper To Intel Agency Grade Spyware 1

LABSCon Replay | Intellexa and Cytrox: From Fixer-Upper to Intel Agency Grade Spyware

Vitor Ventura breaks down the processes one spyware organization takes to develop fully working spyware using a one-click zero-day exploit.

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The Cyber Arm Of Chinas Soft Power Reshaping A Continent 2

LABScon Replay | The Cyber Arm of China’s Soft Power: Reshaping a Continent

Tom Hegel explores China's influence in Africa and highlights an opportunity for broader understanding of global cyber threat landscapes.

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Quiver – Using Cutting Edge ML To Detect Interesting Command Lines For Hunters 2

LABScon Replay | Quiver – Using Cutting Edge ML to Detect Interesting Command Lines for Hunters

Gal Braun and Dean Langsam explore how LLMs can be trained to parse command lines and perform tasks like attribution and detection.

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Star Gazing Using A Full Galaxy Of YARA Methods To Pursue An Apex Actor

LABScon Replay | Star-Gazing: Using a Full Galaxy of YARA Methods to Pursue an Apex Actor

Greg Lesnewich explores how to to pursue an apex predator using little more than a local instance of YARA and some publicly available open-source tooling.

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LABScon Replay Does This Look Infected 2 APT41

LABScon Replay | Does This Look Infected 2 (APT41)

Mandiant researchers Van Ta and Rufus Brown take us on a journey of discovery into the compromise of multiple U.S. Government networks by APT41.

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Malshare 10 Years Of Running A Public Malware Repository 1

LABScon Replay | Malshare: 10 Years of Running a Public Malware Repository

Silas Cutler, founder of MalShare, explores some of the challenges and rewards of developing and maintaining a free malware repository for researchers.

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Blasting Event Driven Cornucopia WMI Based User Space Attacks Blind SIEMs And EDRs 3

LABScon Replay | Blasting Event-Driven Cornucopia: WMI-based User-Space Attacks Blind SIEMs and EDRs

WMI-based attacks impact all versions of Windows and can severely impact EDRs. Claudiu Teodorescu explores how they work and how they can be detected.

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