Chasing Shadows The Rise Of A Prolific Espionage Actor 1

LABScon Replay | Chasing Shadows | The Rise of a Prolific Espionage Actor

Kris McConkey reveals the rise of a cyber espionage 'superpower,' impacting 35+ countries with sophisticated tools like ShadowPad.

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SNS Sender Active Campaigns Unleash Messaging Spam Through The Cloud 3

SNS Sender | Active Campaigns Unleash Messaging Spam Through the Cloud

Threat actors leverage cloud services to conduct massive smishing campaign through AWS Simple Notification Service.

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Chinas Cyber Revenge Why The PNC Fails To Back Its Claims Of Western Espionage 4

China’s Cyber Revenge | Why the PRC Fails to Back Its Claims of Western Espionage

China's claims of hacks and espionage lack the rigorous technical detail seen in western threat intel. Why the asymmetry, and how does it benefit the PRC?

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A Glimpse Into Future ScarCruft Campaigns Attackers Gather Strategic Intelligence And Target Cybersecurity Professionals 20

ScarCruft | Attackers Gather Strategic Intelligence and Target Cybersecurity Professionals

New ScarCruft activity suggests the adversary is planning to target cybersecurity professionals and businesses.

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Send Lawyers ‘Garchs And Money 5

LABScon Replay | Send Lawyers, ‘Garchs, and Money

From the Mueller report to the Steele Dossier, Liz Wharton explores the world of oligarch-funded lawyers and their attempts to discredit public research.

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Exploring FBot Python Based Malware Targeting Cloud And Payment Services 6

Exploring FBot  | Python-Based Malware Targeting Cloud and Payment Services

FBot arms threat actors with a multi-function attack tool designed to hijack cloud, Saas and web services.

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Spectre Strikes Again Introducing The Firmware Edition 1

LABScon Replay | Spectre Strikes Again: Introducing the Firmware Edition

Binarly's CEO Alex Matrosov dives deep into the fascinating world of speculative attacks against System Management Mode (SMM) on AMD-based devices.

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Intellexa And Cytrox From Fixer Upper To Intel Agency Grade Spyware 1

LABSCon Replay | Intellexa and Cytrox: From Fixer-Upper to Intel Agency Grade Spyware

Vitor Ventura breaks down the processes one spyware organization takes to develop fully working spyware using a one-click zero-day exploit.

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Gaza Cybergang Unified Front Targeting Hamas Opposition 13

Gaza Cybergang | Unified Front Targeting Hamas Opposition

Cluster of threat groups continues on trajectory to consolidate with shared victims, TTPs and evolving malware.

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Sandman APT China Based Adversaries Embrace Lua 19

Sandman APT | China-Based Adversaries Embrace Lua

SentinelLabs, Microsoft, and PwC threat intelligence researchers provide attribution-relevant information on the Sandman APT cluster.

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