Anchor Project For Trickbot Adds ICMP

Anchor Project for Trickbot Adds ICMP

The team behind Trickbot has been aggressively updating and deploying various modules including Anchor and Bazar Loader targeting high-value targets, including healthcare entities

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Enter The Maze  Demystifying An Affiliate Involved In Maze Snow 9

Enter the Maze: Demystifying an Affiliate Involved in Maze (SNOW)

SentinelLabs profiles an affiliate involved with Maze ransomware and details the actor’s involvement with other crimeware families, including TrickBot.

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Breaking EvilQuest Reversing A Custom MacOS Ransomware File Encryption Routine 8

Breaking EvilQuest | Reversing A Custom macOS Ransomware File Encryption Routine

A new macOS ransomware threat uses a custom file encryption routine not based on public key encryption. Jason Reaves shows how we broke it.

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Valak Malware And The Connection To Gozi Loader ConfCrew 1

Valak Malware and the Connection to Gozi Loader ConfCrew

Valak uses a multi-stage, script-based malware that hijacks email replies and embeds malicious URLs or attachments to infect devices with fileless scripts.

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Sarwent Malware Continues To Evolve With Updated Command Functions 6

Sarwent Malware Continues to Evolve With Updated Command Functions

Sarwent has received little attention from researchers, but this backdoor malware is still being actively developed, with new commands and a focus on RDP.

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Deep Dive Into TrickBot Executor Module “mexec”  Reversing The Dropper Variant 7

Deep Dive Into TrickBot Executor Module “mexec”: Reversing the Dropper Variant

Continuing our earlier analysis of the TrickBot Executor Module “mexec”, we take a look at the dropper variant and reveal how it carries its payload onboard.

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Deep Dive Into TrickBot Executor Module Mexec Hidden Anchor Bot Nexus Operations 4

Deep Dive Into TrickBot Executor Module “mexec”: Hidden “Anchor” Bot Nexus Operations

New “mexec” module delivers tertiary malware and allows TrickBot to pivot within a network, deploy a variety of payloads and evade common detection methods.

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Breaking TA505s Crypter With An SMT Solver 1

Breaking TA505’s Crypter with an SMT Solver

TA505 threat group use a crypter common to Clop/CryptoMix ransomware and others. We tear it down with a new unpacker utilizing SMT.

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Revealing The Trick   A Deep Dive Into TrickLoader Obfuscation 2

Revealing the Trick | A Deep Dive into TrickLoader Obfuscation

TrickBot’s loader has received much less attention than other components of the malware. Jason Reaves shows how to reverse engineer the TrickLoader function.

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