ModifiedElephant APT And The Decade Of Fabricating Terrorism 5

ModifiedElephant APT and a Decade of Fabricating Evidence

A previously unreported threat actor has been targeting civil society for over a decade. Read about how it operates and its relationships to other threats.

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Firefox JIT Use After Frees Exploiting CVE 2020 26950 6

Firefox JIT Use-After-Frees | Exploiting CVE-2020-26950

Learn how to dive into JIT compilers in JavaScript engines and follow along as we find a new set of exploit primitives in this previously patched bug.

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Hacktivism And State Sponsored Knock Offs Attributing Deceptive Hack And Leak Operations 3

Hacktivism and State-Sponsored Knock-Offs | Attributing Deceptive Hack-and-Leak Operations

Are there still real hacktivists out there or are they all a cover for state-sponsored operations?

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BlackCat Ransomware Highly Configurable Rust Driven RaaS On The Prowl For Victims 6

BlackCat Ransomware | Highly-Configurable, Rust-Driven RaaS On The Prowl For Victims

With victims in the US, Australia and India, BlackCat is a new RaaS making a big impact. Learn more about this unique ransomware's behavior and IoCs.

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Wading Through Muddy Waters Recent Activity Of An Iranian State Sponsored Threat Actor 6

Wading Through Muddy Waters | Recent Activity of an Iranian State-Sponsored Threat Actor

MuddyWater APT's updated toolkit: an evolution of PowGoop malware, abuse of tunneling tools, and targeting of Exchange servers. MuddyWater's activities are attributed to the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence by U.S. Cyber Command.

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CVE 2021 45388 NetUSB RCE Flaw In Millions Of End User Routers

CVE-2021-45608 | NetUSB RCE Flaw in Millions of End User Routers

SentinelLabs has discovered a high severity flaw in NetUSB which could be remotely exploited to execute code in the kernel.

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A Threat Hunters Guide To The Macs Most Prevalent Adware Infections 2022 12

A Threat Hunter’s Guide to the Mac’s Most Prevalent Adware Infections 2022

Mac adware is hidden, persistent, and evasive, fingerprinting devices and delivering custom payloads. Learn how to hunt it on macOS.

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New Rook Ransomware Feeds Off The Code Of Babuk 7

New Rook Ransomware Feeds Off the Code of Babuk

Scavenging code leaked from Babuk, Rook's first victim was a bank and the theft of 1123 GB of data. Learn more about this new ransomware operator.

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Multiple Vulnerabilities Discovered In AWS And Other Major Cloud Services 6

USB Over Ethernet | Multiple Vulnerabilities in AWS and Other Major Cloud Services

25 CVEs and counting: SentinelLabs' latest research reveals millions of cloud users are exposed to privilege escalations from bugs in shared driver software.

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GSOh No Finding Vulnerabilities In VirtualBox Network Offloads 12

GSOh No! Hunting for Vulnerabilities in VirtualBox Network Offloads

Inspired by Pwn2Own, SentinelLabs' researcher Max Van Amerongen discovered three CVEs, including two privilege escalations, in VirtualBox. Read more here.

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