Winter Vivern Uncovering A Wave Of Global Espionage 6

Winter Vivern | Uncovering a Wave of Global Espionage

SentinelLabs uncover a previously unknown set of espionage campaigns conducted by Winter Vivern advanced persistent threat (APT) group.

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IceFire Ransomware Returns Now Targeting Linux Enterprise Networks 8

IceFire Ransomware Returns | Now Targeting Linux Enterprise Networks

New Linux version of the IceFire ransomware have been observed in recent network intrusions of media and entertainment enterprises.

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WIP26 Espionage Threat Actors Abuse Cloud Infrastructure In Targeted Telco 4

WIP26 Espionage | Threat Actors Abuse Cloud Infrastructure in Targeted Telco Attacks

A new threat cluster has been targeting telecommunication providers in the Middle East and abusing Microsoft, Google and Dropbox cloud services.

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Cl0p Ransomware Targets Linux Systems With Flawed Encryption Decryptor Available 9

Cl0p Ransomware Targets Linux Systems with Flawed Encryption | Decryptor Available

An in-the-wild ELF variant of Cl0p ransomware shows the gang is looking beyond traditional Windows targets.

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MalVirt .NET Virtualization Thrives In New Malvertising Attacks 3

MalVirt | .NET Virtualization Thrives in Malvertising Attacks

.NET malware loaders distributed through malvertising are using obfuscated virtualization for anti-analysis and evasion in an ongoing campaign.

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DragonSpark Attacks Evade Detection With SparkRAT And Golang Source Code Interpretation 1

DragonSpark | Attacks Evade Detection with SparkRAT and Golang Source Code Interpretation

A cluster of attacks SentinelLabs tracks as DragonSpark uses a novel technique, Golang source code interpretation, to avoid detection while also deploying a little-known tool called SparkRAT.

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NoName05716 The Pro Russian Hacktivist Group Targeting NATO 2

NoName057(16) – The Pro-Russian Hacktivist Group Targeting NATO

In the name of Russia's war in Ukraine, NoName057(16) abuses GitHub and Telegram in an ongoing campaign to disrupt NATO's critical infrastructure.

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Blasting Event Driven Cornucopia WMI Based User Space Attacks Blind SIEMs And EDRs 3

LABScon Replay | Blasting Event-Driven Cornucopia: WMI-based User-Space Attacks Blind SIEMs and EDRs

WMI-based attacks impact all versions of Windows and can severely impact EDRs. Claudiu Teodorescu explores how they work and how they can be detected.

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InkySquid The Missing Arsenal 1

LABScon Replay | InkySquid: The Missing Arsenal

Paul Rascagneres explores a macOS port of the Windows RokRAT malware and how it bypasses Apple security protections.

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Breaking Firmware Trust From The Other Side Exploiting Early Boot Phases Pre EFI 1

LABScon Replay | Breaking Firmware Trust From The Other Side: Exploiting Early Boot Phases (Pre-Efi)

The first public discussion of changes in the UEFI firmware security runtime from an offensive security perspective with Alex Matrosov.

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