LABScon Replay Does This Look Infected 2 APT41

LABScon Replay | Does This Look Infected 2 (APT41)

Mandiant researchers Van Ta and Rufus Brown take us on a journey of discovery into the compromise of multiple U.S. Government networks by APT41.

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Malshare 10 Years Of Running A Public Malware Repository 1

LABScon Replay | Malshare: 10 Years of Running a Public Malware Repository

Silas Cutler, founder of MalShare, explores some of the challenges and rewards of developing and maintaining a free malware repository for researchers.

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The Life And Times Of Sysinternals 3

The Life and Times of SysInternals | How One Developer Changed the Face of Malware Analysis

Mark Russinovich, founder of SysInternals, explores the history and development of one of the security industry's most essential toolkits.

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Blasting Event Driven Cornucopia WMI Based User Space Attacks Blind SIEMs And EDRs 3

LABScon Replay | Blasting Event-Driven Cornucopia: WMI-based User-Space Attacks Blind SIEMs and EDRs

WMI-based attacks impact all versions of Windows and can severely impact EDRs. Claudiu Teodorescu explores how they work and how they can be detected.

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InkySquid The Missing Arsenal 1

LABScon Replay | InkySquid: The Missing Arsenal

Paul Rascagneres explores a macOS port of the Windows RokRAT malware and how it bypasses Apple security protections.

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Breaking Firmware Trust From The Other Side Exploiting Early Boot Phases Pre EFI 1

LABScon Replay | Breaking Firmware Trust From The Other Side: Exploiting Early Boot Phases (Pre-Efi)

The first public discussion of changes in the UEFI firmware security runtime from an offensive security perspective with Alex Matrosov.

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Kristin Del Rosso Kristen 1

LABScon Replay | Is CNVD ≥ CVE? A Look at Chinese Vulnerability Discovery and Disclosure

Vulnerability disclosure in the US lags behind China's NVD, which has a history of providing APT groups with exploits. How can researchers close the gap?

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The Mystery Of Metador 5

LABScon Replay | The Mystery of Metador

An elusive APT is attacking telcos, ISPs and Universities with custom backdoors and attack chains designed to bypass native security solutions.

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MJ Emanuel 2

LABScon Replay | Demystifying Threats to Satellite Communications in Critical Infrastructure

Satellite communications are an integral part of many Industrial Control Systems, but their usage in critical infrastructure continues to be misunderstood.

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Mauro 2

LABScon Replay | Are Digital Technologies Eroding the Principle of Distinction in War?

In recent conflicts, digital technology has become weaponized, eroding the traditional barriers that divide the roles of civilians and combatants.

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