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A Click From The Backyard   Analysis Of CVE 2020 9332 A USB Redirection Software Privilege Escalation 3

A Click from the Backyard | Analysis of CVE-2020-9332, a Vulnerable USB Redirection Software

CVE-2020-9332 is a vulnerability that could allow an attacker to create trusted, fake USB devices and attack Windows machines in new and unexpected ways.

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Sarwent Malware Continues To Evolve With Updated Command Functions 6

Sarwent Malware Continues to Evolve With Updated Command Functions

Sarwent has received little attention from researchers, but this backdoor malware is still being actively developed, with new commands and a focus on RDP.

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Privilege Escalation   MacOS Malware The Path To Root Part 1 1

Privilege Escalation | macOS Malware & The Path to Root Part 1

Researchers invest huge amounts of effort to uncover privilege escalations and develop exploits. What can we learn about macOS security from their work?

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MacOS Incident Response   Part 3  System Manipulation 1

macOS Incident Response | Part 3: System Manipulation

How can you detect system manipulations by malware, local or remote attackers on macOS? Find out in the final part of our series on macOS Incident Response.

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Copy Of Copy Of Gootkit Banking Trojan   Deep Dive Into Anti Analysis Features 1

Gootkit Banking Trojan | Part 2: Persistence & Other Capabilities

Reverse engineering Gootkit reveals tricks for persistence, self-updating and a kill switch. Join us as we continue our deep dive into this banking malware

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MacOS Incident Response   Part 2  User Data Activity And Behavior 2

macOS Incident Response | Part 2: User Data, Activity and Behavior

What can we learn about user activity and behavior on a compromised Mac? Learn about the hidden and obfuscated data stores Apple use on the macOS platform.

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MacOS Incident Response   Part 1  Collecting Device File System Data 1

macOS Incident Response | Part 1: Collecting Device, File & System Data

How should you investigate an infected Mac? Has there been lateral movement, data exfiltration, system manipulation? Learn macOS incident response here.

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Cybercrime   Banload  Banking Malware Implements New Techniques For Fraud 1

Cybercrime: Groups Behind “Banload” Banking Malware Implement New Techniques

Cybercriminals aren’t deterred by legacy AV. Learn how the gang behind “Banload” malware used a new kernel driver to remove popular anti-malware solutions.

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Sebastian Unrau 47679 Unsplash 1

RobinHood Ransomware “CoolMaker” Functions Not So Cool

Robinhood Ransomware is attacking government institutions from Greenville to Baltimore. How does it work and how could you stop it? Find out here.

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