Zero 2 Hero

“From Zero to Hero: Malware Reverse Engineering & Threat Intelligence” is a free, 12-week course by Vitali Kremez and Daniel Bunce (@0verfl0w_) sponsored by SentinelOne.

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Chapter 7: How Malware Uses Privilege Escalation to Compromise Devices | FlawedGrace RAT and Pitou Spambot

The Zero2Hero malware course continues with Daniel Bunce dives into privilege escalation and how the FlawedGrace RAT and Pitou Spambot implemented it.

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Writing Malware Configuration Extractors for ISFB/Ursnif

The Zero2Hero malware course continues with Daniel Bunce demonstrating automated IOC extraction using a python script and an example of ISFB/Ursnif malware.

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Info Stealers | How Malware Hacks Private User Data

Continuing our free Zero2Hero malware reverse engineering course, Daniel Bunce dives into the details of KPot, Vidar & Raccoon Info Stealers.

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Deep Insight into “FIN7” Malware Chain: From Office Macro Malware to Lightweight JS Loader

The Zero2Hero malware course continues with Vitali Kremez dissecting the ‘Fin7’ malware chain that leverages malicious MS Office Macros and a JS loader.

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Gootkit Banking Trojan | Deep Dive into Anti-Analysis Features

Gootkit packs plenty of Anti-Analysis features to evade sandboxes, prevent execution in a Virtual Machine, and slow down analysis. Let’s take a dive inside!

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FIN6 “FrameworkPOS”: Point-of-Sale Malware Analysis & Internals

The Zero2Hero malware course continues with Vitali Kremez diving into FIN6 “FrameworkPOS”, targeting payment card data from Point-of-Sale (POS) or eCommerce systems

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RIG Exploit Kit Chain Internals

The Zero2Hero malware course continues with Vitali Kremez explaining the RIG Exploit Kit and how it led to the Amadey Stealer and Clipboard Hijacker


Course Syllabus

  • Technical overview of injection techniques and persistence mechanisms
  • Discovering/recognizing privilege escalation in malware
  • Threat actors techniques to gain a foothold on networks
  • Deep dive into APTs (advanced persistent threats), eCrime
  • Info-stealers and Exploit Kit drive-bys seen in the wild
  • Analyzing shellcode usage in malware
  • Full analysis of malware techniques – stealth, persistence, algorithms, communication to a C2 server, and advanced capabilities

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