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The missing link in infosec today is not about alerts

– it’s about the context of those alerts. What, When, Where, Why, How and most importantly – Who. SentinelLabs came to life to solve the gap that security practitioners have between autonomously protecting their enterprise assets and understanding the significance and story of alerts. Unlike other threat intelligence solutions, SentinelLabs does not focus on sharing what is already public knowledge -- we focus on new findings that can assist enterprises in staying protected from adversaries. We cover both cybercrime and APT (nation-state), while having a voice in the larger community of threat hunters who are passionate about a world that is safer for everyone, and we focus on solving the most sophisticated problems that no one else can. In addition to Microsoft operating system coverage, we also provide coverage and guidance on the evolving and growing adversaries that attack Mac and Linux platforms as well.

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Vitali Kremez | Joshua Platt | Jason Reaves | Jim Walter | Phil Stokes | Caleb Fenton | Daniel Bunce | Migo Kedem