Enlist in SentinelOne's Threat Hunting Workshop

Join forces with SentinelOne for an introductory course to threat hunting. The SentinelOne ThreatOps Workshop will teach students the responsibilities of being a threat hunter, common tools used for threat hunting, and how to create and test a threat hunting hypothesis. Key topics include the difference between threat hunting and searching, the ATT&CK framework, hypotheses, IOC/TTPs and interpreting hunt results.

Receive your intel.

Neutralize the threat.

Rank up your threat hunting tactics with ThreatOps –  SentinelOne Threat Hunting Workshop. In this workshop

you will learn:

  • The many skills and tools of a threat hunter.
  • The difference between hunting and searching
  • Utilizing common attack vocabulary to interpret intelligence.
  • Building better hunts utilizing environment knowledge.
  • Using a threat hunt to better understand
    anomalies in data.