Securing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

The SentinelOne agent is an efficient solution to secure the growing demand for agent virtualization, including thin clients, layered apps, and other VDI scenarios. It does not require updates and is not dependent on signatures or other legacy antivirus features. The SentinelOne offering for VDI includes all protection engines and functionality, the same as we […]


Dump the Sandbox

Technology becomes obsolete quickly in a variety of industries as “newer” and “more innovative” options crop up on what feels like an almost daily basis. The same is true for the pace of technological innovation in the information security space. Traditional antivirus vendors spurred on by waning detection rates and unhappy customers have been acquiring […]


Latest Malware Threat Stealthily Flees from Security Products

The future of malware has made its unwelcome grand entrance…and it’s a doozy. Dubbed “Furtim” (Latin for stealthy), this malware outwits the most sophisticated security with a series of checks to detect more than 400 antivirus platforms. If Furtim finds any security product on that list—from the well-known to the obscure—or any virtualized or sandboxed […]