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Being Transparent in Our Hiring Process

The goal of every hiring interaction is to find the right people for the role and for Scalyr. We want our candidates to get excited about the challenges we are tackling and how they can contribute. Interviewing is important and helps show our culture through the questions we ask and the shape the process takes. We want to make sure that our values and our culture come through in our approach, as a way of highlighting what an exciting place Scalyr is to work.

Currently, the industry interview process has problems. Obscure questions, luck, and other factors may play a big role in determining who gets an offer and who doesn’t. None of these are necessarily relevant to an engineer’s day-to-day role at Scalyr. In fact, it is a rare case that an engineer has to solve a problem with no outside help or the ability to prep. So the problem remains the same; these types of interviews can select not the best engineer, but the best interviewee.

For Scalyr, honesty and transparency are important pieces, both to employees and candidates. With that in mind, we’re shaking up a really important piece of our hiring process. In short, we realized that we weren’t serving candidates by hiding our process or our questions. Rather than hide behind broad generalizations and boilerplates, we decided to publish our questions and process for every technical role.

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This is why Scalyr is moving away from these outdated practices and opening up our process. Not everyone who’s a great engineer works the same way or has the same background. The best way to find people we want to work with is to work with them. We want people who are genuinely interested in solving difficult challenges on scale, not merely people who can rattle off first-year comp-sci mantras. We want people who can extend our knowledge and cause us to grow in interesting new ways. Building an inclusive culture means hiring for actual skill and moving away from a pop-quiz.

So going forward, with every job post you’ll be able to find out what the process looks like and what questions you’ll be asked. We encourage you to take the time you need to read and understand our process. We’re in an interesting domain space and want people who agree that the problems we’re solving are important. Surprises don’t help anyone. They especially don’t help Scalyr get to know people well or the type of contributor that candidate might be.

We’d much rather spend our time together learning about you and the amazing contributions you can offer to help make Scalyr an even better company.

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